Shamoon Abbasi is definitely a name in the Pakistani industry and you must all have seen him pulling up some brilliant performances throughout his career. Unfortunately this is not the reason that he makes his way into the news, rather it is the topic of his unsuccessful marriages that comes in the limelight.

Appearing in one of the morning shows, he said in response to the comments made by people that he was a bad person that: “I am not a hypocrite, I believe in having honest relationships. I marry the girls I wanted in my life, I did not have affairs. I can also have relationships outside marriage but I have been very conscious that being a Muslim it is wrong to live with a girl without being married to her. People have one wife and 13 girlfriends and that is okay with people but a person whose marriages have failed people judge them. Even if there is a picture of me with my co-star or friend people pass degrading comments which is upsetting but I don’t let it get to me.”

The actor explained that our traditional thinking needs to be changed as man and women are different and it does not imply that every time something happens its a man’s fault.

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“I have also been rejected by my wives, women left me too. Why do people take it for granted that the man has to be at fault? I have cried and begged my wives not to leave me but they left me any way. I have been hurt and I have been rejected. Thankfully I have fans who love for my work and there is only a selected group of people on social media who are obsessed with marriages and divorces, that is all they want to talk about.”

“In all my 3 marriages, I realized that women do not like everything to go steady. When everything is going right, they want that there should be some fluctuation. I felt like I needed someone who would be willing to change for me but women want me to change, they want a saint. I do not cheat, I do not gamble but I am not perfect either and I needed someone who would accept me for who I am.”