Sahir Lodhi was first time seen on screen in 2005 as a TV show host but we have always seen his willingness to shift to the big screen. Eleven years have passed, the host-turned-actor is all set for his first project Raasta. The talented and versatile personality is not only the actor but also co-writer, co-producer, and co-directer of the upcoming movie.

Recently he gave an interview to Express Tribune where he opened up about his looks and his upcoming project Raasta.

Talking about his resemblance to Shahrukh Khan he said “He [Shah Rukh] comes from India and I belong to Pakistan, and we both have our own identities. I want people to remember me as Sahir Lodhi, once I am gone. I am grateful to my fans for loving my work and really appreciate their gesture. Those who criticizes me — I want them to open their hearts and brain a bit.”

Sahir further added that he has personally met the B-Town heartthrob twice and he can not understand why people continue to compare him with SRK.

Talking about his upcoming movie Raasta, Sahir explained:

“I have always wanted to do a film — it was my passion,” expressed Lodhi in conversation with The Express Tribune. Since Raasta is the mind creation of Lodhi therefore he is takking joint charge of its direction, production, and has written the screenplay and dialogues all this by himself and is also playing the lead role. The film Raasta will witness stars like Aijazz Aslam, Abeer Rizvi, Naveed Raza in titular roles with Shamoon Abbasi as the hostile person.

“You see, a few Pakistani films that I have seen, they look more like TV dramas. I am not criticising anyone, for an effort has actually been made. I still believe a film should look and feel like a film, complete with the music! Raasta will be a real film,” said Lodhi.

Talking about the story of the upcoming movie, Lodhi revealed that Raasta features not only action but also romance. The plot revolves around a boy-girl love story but that’s where things only start to get interesting. “It’s the boy’s fight against the atrocities of this system, and willingness to stand against the evils in this society.”

“I live to work, I always want to work, and I want to die working,” said Lodhi adding that there’s a social cause associated with his film the nature of which he is unable to disclose right now. “This is my time to give back to the people and the society. I believe I was born to work, I am happy doing that.”

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