I find South Asian women the most attractive in the world: Fawad Khan

In an exclusive interview with Instep Daily The News , Fawad Khan tells us how life has changed post-Khoobsurat and why being in the limelight is both a blessing and a disguise. “I am what I am because of my fans and that’s why I make sure I am accessible to them as much as possible. It’s not easy though; I get apprehensive at the constant scrutiny.”

The star, who says he’s afraid of being typecast as a romantic lead, is noticeably heavier since his Khoobsurat days. Gone is the princely stubble that had added to his nawabi persona in the movie; in its place is a full-grown mustache that’s very old-world sophistication meets rugged masculinity.

“I find South Asian women the most attractive in the world. In fact, the darker the skin, the more turned on I am,”

Fawad reveals during our conversation. We promise there’s lots more where that’s coming from!

Source: http://magazine.thenews.com.pk/mag/detail_article.asp?id=9555&magId=11#sthash.SOcWN8Su.dpuf

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