I Have Given Away More Prizes Than Aamir Bhai Has Given In His Entire Career: Fahad Mustafa

In a recent interview Fahad Mustafa talked in detail about his show Jeeto Pakistan and Amir Liaquat. He shared his views about the competition between him and Amir liaquat.

When asked about television and his competitors in the game show business Fahad said..

“Let me tell you, I never thought of myself as an anchor. When I am hosting, I just be myself, which is a change from what I do in plays. I don’t know why Aamir bhai (Liaqat) thinks I am competing with him. I am not … I didn’t counter his show jaan boojh kay, soch kay bhi nahi kia. It happened by chance and although I love him as an anchor, I don’t address him during my show.”

Fahad continues to talk about Amir Liaqat with a smile.

“The problem is that Amir bhai is addressing me, I am that important for him! He is a senior to me and wished me luck when I ventured into hosting a game show, but I don’t know how he assumed that I am trying to be like him when he knows I can’t. He is a scholar who can quote ayaats and hadees; I am an entertainer who likes to have fun. Yes my show gives more prizes than his but that doesn’t mean that you should mock the competition. I feel proud of the fact that in the last five to six months, I have given away more stuff than he has given in his entire career. And the best part is that he watches my show.”

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