I have taken a start with item song from Pakistan and now wouldn’t mind going to India: Mehwish Hayat

The stunning Mehwish Hayat recently appeared on Tonite With HSY and talked on different interesting topics including her sensational item song billy and her views about working in Bollywood.

Mehwish has been the talk-of-the-town for her item song ‘Billi’ in Pakistani film Na Maloom Afraad and has won many a hearts with her amazing dance performance.

Responding to what she thought of Pakistani actors playing in Bollywood movies, Mehwish said she has taken a start with an item song from Pakistan and now wouldn’t mind going to India.

“I have started from Pakistan so that’s a trademark and now I can do whatever I like.”

Commenting on the need for an item number in films, Mehwish said:

“I think there is no harm in doing an item number as long as it is done ‘rightly’,” added Mehwish. “By ‘rightly’, I mean doing something with which I am comfortable and won’t go beyond it. If it is dance-based I’d love to do it, but if it includes (showing) cleavage — I don’t want that.

“I think item numbers are fun songs, which are played at weddings as well, so if we have one for our own film then why wouldn’t you do it?” said Mehwish. “I am proud that I did it in my own country rather than going next door [India] and doing it there.”

Mehwish revealed that she hadn’t learnt dancing from anywhere.

“I am self-taught because we don’t have any institutes here,” admitted Mehwish.

“In fact, I want to open a dance school here,” she added. “I want people to dance because it is the best way of expressing your emotions.”

She further said that many people hold themselves back and she wants them to dance to experience that feeling.

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