Veena Malik and her husband Asad Khattak have been appearing on many television shows and they explain and talk freely about their marriage. They are frank enough and even tell how they ended up meeting each other. The amazing thing she revealed on appearing on Jago Pakistan Jago was that the couple got ,married after 9 days they have met.


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A photo posted by Veena A Khan Khattak (@iveenakhan) on

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The star went further on to tell the fans and the host the reason behind her hurrying into the marriage,

“Most of our meetings with each other were in front of family members. We didn’t really meet alone. I always had a lot of faith in Allah, on my fate. The thing I liked about him the most was that he is very kind-hearted. What I loved about him was his honesty and the transparency in his nature.”

The two were heard saying this about each other,

“She is very straight forward. She is very loyal,” said Asad while Veena said that “He is very bossy and dominating.” Veena further said that, “Inside, I was always the person I am today. For me my family was always very important. Sometimes you get distracted and go off-track.”

Veena is among the talented celebrities in Pakistan who have appeared on a wide variety of shows. Not only this, but she has done a wide range of characters which are from comedy to serious.

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