Fawad Khan has been able to catch the eyes of many with the amazing work he has done so far. We have seen him stepping in Bollywood alongside Sonam Kapoor and it boosted his fan base even more. Fawad is known for being part of a good movie and having a heavy role in all the films that he has done thus far.


“I just don’t want to be an eye candy in a film. For me, as an actor, meaty roles are what I rely on. Like dancing is not one of my fortes, so I feel the ability to try, and get into different characters which involves you being taken to a completely new avatar,” explained Fawad.

Fawad has done a movie, Khuda Kay Liye and done some great dramas like Humsafar in the past in Pakistan. Fawad like any other normal human has an ideal and that is Aamir Khan.

Here’s what he said,

“An example of getting into different characters would be Aamir Khan. I really admire what he has done with his career. That kind of graph is what I want to achieve. Trying something new everytime, not letting it remain stable…”

Fawad latest upcoming Bollywood film is Kapoor and Sons and about it he has this to say,

“My character has been able to succeed with his career a bit whereas his brother is still stuck in a struggling zone. In real life, I have three siblings in my family. My elder and younger sisters were probably allowed more freedom than I was. Because of the freedom came more opportunities so I was the black sheep, I was picked on and told ‘Do this, Do that’, out of concern. The character of Arjun, played by Sidharth is like that. He is also aspiring. The two brothers come back after a year with a certain emotional baggage they have been carrying.”