Bushra Ansari is a big name in the industry and with the diversity and talent that she has shown over the years has given her a lot of fame.


Bushra is seen on the television regularly as well as films but rarely does she talk about stuff related to herself. In the most recent appearance in a morning show, she had this to say:

“There was a time when I used to cry a lot. Every time I used to feel under-appreciated by my husband in any way I used to cry all night. I always used to wait for him to appreciate me in some way but it never happened and slowly I learned to be happy and stopped looking for his appreciation because I knew it wasn’t going to happen!! Husbands in our society think that praising their wives or appreciating them is wrong although it would be so good for their marriages if they do that.”

“It is almost as if our women are not allowed to be happy. Even in our dramas we don’t see women being happy. The women who come to these talk shows can’t even laugh properly because people will criticize them if they do!!”

Bushra despite all this is an amazing and interesting personality who has won the hearts of many fans. Not only this but Bushra with her recent performance in the movie Jawani Phir Nai Aani has shown that she still has what it takes to be in the mainstream acting.