Ayesha Khan talking in one of the morning shows told that she felt that people who work in Bollywood do not get the deserved role. The attention they receive undoubtedly was under what they deserve.

“I have set certain boundaries for myself that will never allow me to work in Bollywood. The films that I did here in Pakistan were within those limits which I have set for myself but Bollywood is different. I am not criticizing the actors who have worked there, everyone has their own standards.”

Ayesha Khan told that she happen to visit India for a photo shoot once but reveals that she did not meet any one. She expressed her feelings that anyone who goes to works there from Pakistan remains an outsider for Indians.

The actress added the fact that there are too many tough pool of projects to choose on and the director’s enjoyment isn’t the element here now.

“The channels/producers only want 24 episodes, it doesn’t matter whether the story loses focus or it gets repetitive. Unnecessary marriages are shown and this new trend of having two wives has gone too far. There was a time when it was okay to choose your projects based on who was directing them because there were certain directors who were reliable. But now it isn’t the director’s fault either because how can he choose a good script when they aren’t any around any more!”

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The actresses reiterates the fact that despite all the difficulties here she will continue to work in the dramas and other projects that are going to be in the Pakistani industry.