I Will Never Work With Kushal and Gauhar – Salman Khan

The sources told us that Salman Khan has taken a strong and final stand this time, and in no case wants to share anymore screen space with either Kushal or Gauahar. The two from the start have made sure to get all the footage and media mileage riding on Salman Khan, especially when Kushal Tandon was out of the house. The two have also severely upset the film industry with the way they have gone to any levels to downgrade, manipulate and even personally attack other housemates.

This is also the first time that Salman Khan’s name has been misused on the reality show to such extent, thanks to the extremely strategized and well planned PR machinery of Gauahar and Kushal. The PR activities would not have been so strong had Kushal not gone out of the house. Sources inform us that during the time he was out of Bigg Boss 7, he had strategically planned out everything with his team. How he explained the strategy to Gauahar once he returned on the show, or was it Gauahar’s plan is still not known. Only the unedited footage which the Bigg Boss team can see has answers to all of this!

After Kushal’s eviction, Gauahar and Ajaz are the ones remaining as nominated housemates. Who do you think will be evicted this weekend?