I Wish We Had TV Dramas Like Those In Pakistan – Kajol

A few years ago, it would have been impossible to imagine a Bollywood actor watching Pakistani dramas with the same enthusiasm that we display for their films. However, the recent screening of Pakistani dramas in India has been a major game changer as it has not only received the appreciation they deserve, but also won over overseas audiences, with Kajol and her mother-in-law being one of them.

In a recent interview Kajol told the media that:

“My mother-in-law follows them (Pakistani Dramas) religiously on this channel called Cine Dosti. I have managed to watch a few episodes with her and was really impressed. They have good content and the language is extremely pleasant to hear,” says Kajol.

She feels that Indian television producers have a lot to learn from Pakistani dramas, which are much shorter and crisper in comparison. “They finish one story in 15 episodes, which is fabulous and makes it very interesting to watch. I wish we had TV dramas like those in Pakistan.”

As far as working in a Pakistani film is concerned, Kajol is open to the idea if the project has a good script, tight screenplay and is headed by a good production house. But the actress wants to visit Pakistan and meet her fans, irrespective of an artistic collaboration. “It’s a beautiful country with a rich cultural heritage. I would love to visit the valleys in Pakistan which are known to be one of the most beautiful places on earth.”

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