Iman Ali The Shining Star Of Pakistani Movie Mah-e-Meer

Once merely a model and now a talented, renowned actress; the stunning and delectable Iman Ali is all set to act in the upcoming, anticipated film, Mah-e-Meer!

Working alongside a diverse, talented acting crew including Fahad Mustafa, Sanam Saeed, Ala Khan and Mazhar Sehbai, the bunch will be acting in a production based on the life and work of the legendary Urdu poet, Mir Taqi Mir.

We remember Iman Ali after she first made her debut in Shoaib Mansoor’s post-9/11, action packed drama ‘Khuda Kay Liye’. She has also modeled for well known Indian fashion designers including Manish Malhotra, JJ Wahlia and Suneet Varma and is a face known by everyone in the fashion industry within Pakistan.

Director of the highly acclaimed film ‘Roznama Express’, Anjum Shehzad revealed to the media that his decision to cast Iman Ali as Mehtab in Mah-e-Meer was due to her intoxicatingly effortless performance as a courtesan in ‘Bol’, a role that was extremely difficult to play let alone master.

Shehzad provokes anticipation and excitement for Ali’s upcoming performance, stating

“She has delivered a memorable performance. This will be a landmark film in her career, a movie which shall be appreciated by cinemagoers.”

The film is being produced by Khurram Rana, Sahir Rasheed and Badar Ikram and dwells on the trials and tribulations of a poet in modern times, while simultaneously drawing comparisons to the life and times of Mir Taqi Mir.

Iman Ali was previously in the limelight for all the wrong reasons; her very public break up with the Bollywood director and screenwriter Imtiaz Ali.

The trailer of Mah-e-Meer was released in 2014 and the release date for the movie is said to be announced soon. We simply cannot wait!
Author: Rabia Ahmed
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