Imran Abbas speaks to Indian Media about the difference between Pakistani and Indian Dramas

Pakistani actor Imran Abbas is happy that artistes from across the border now have another platform — new TV channel Zindagi — to showcase their talent to Indian audiences.

Says Imran, whose show Mera Naseeb will also be aired on the channel, “Zindagi is a good platform for Pakistani artistes to exhibit their talent in India. As for Indians, it will give them a peek into Pakistani traditions, culture and society. Our culture is slightly misunderstood. People perceive us to be conservative and extremists, but on the contrary, we are liberal, open-minded, loving and accepting. I feel such an initiative should have been taken much earlier.”

Unlike Indian soaps, Pakistani shows are bound by a finite script. In fact, the shoot starts only after the script is ready. Says the actor, “We like to change the viewers’ mindset through our shows. We want to show that a finite show, when shot with total focus on the script, can also rake in great ratings. We watch a drama for either fantasy or reality. Though I love the reality shows and crime-based shows on Indian TV, some of the daily soaps here are more fantasy-like. Pakistani drama is more inclined towards reality. Another highlight is, our shows have original soundtracks. We write, compose and sing songs for these dramas.”

Disclaimer: Source Official Channel Video