The latest sad news is that Pakistani model-turned-actor Imran Abbas, who was set to play Prithviraj’s role opposite Akshay, is no longer part of the project. Although the makers refused to comment on the issue, insiders say that Imran Lost out on his debut Hindi film as he violated the Terms of his contract.

Apparently, producer Ashwin Varde had signed Imran on an exclusive con­tract with his company. The deal prohibited the newbie from getting involved with any other film. “But Imran unknowingly Auditioned for another project starring one of the Big Khans. That irked the makers, who have been sponsoring Imran’s training, accommodation and other expenses all this while. That is why, citing breach of contract, Imran was Dropped from the film,” says an industry source. After the debacle, the actor immediately departed for Pakistan.

Despite repeated attempts, Imran remained unavailable for a comment. But a friend of the actor, on condition of anonymity, calls the move “Unfair And Unfortunate”.

He says: “Imran didn’t Sign up for any film. If he had, the makers would have had all the right to fire him But he only auditioned. I don’t understand how any contract can stop you from auditioning for random films.” Currently, Ayushmann Khurrana and Arjun Kapoor are being considered for the role. “They need a replacement soon as Akshay will start Shooting immediately after returning from Muscat and Oman (where he is shooting for Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai 2),” says the insider. The film is expected to release later next year.