Imran Abbas’s Show ‘Alvida’ is Amazing and We Adore It

Alvida is a refreshing play which breaks norms all the way! With a band cast including Imran Abbas, Sanam Jung, Naveen, it is story of a love triangle between cousins where two girls are in love with the same person. The concept isn’t new but the execution is definitely fresh which sets it apart.

Hadi (Imran Abbas) is the son of his well settled present who has been in Somalia doing work as a doctor for the past two years and in London for three years before that. He comes back in the beginning of the episode to join his father in their newly constructed hospital.

His love interest and also his cousin, Uroosa (Naveen) is a simple girl belonging to a modest household. She covers her head and is an epitome of our typical “desi” girl. The third part of the triangle is made up by Haya (Sanam Jung), a stylish modern girl who is also Hadi’s cousin but lives with Hadi since she was adopted by Hadi’s parents at a very young age.

Sanam Jung as an adopted child rings a bell right. But her character is far different from any she has ever played. Having grown together, Hadi has nothing but brotherly feeling towards Haya. He calls her, his “toti (parrot) jis me meri jaan hai”. The inappropriate girl takes all this in a romantic way. She boasts to Fareesa that Hadi doesn’t go to sleep without talking to her and he loves her so much. (All this is in her head since Hadi has eyes for no one but the pretty Uroosa).

On Hadi’s return in the start of the episode, Haya is frantically seen getting ready to greet him at the airport. Unbeknownst, that Hadi has already arrived home to surprise his parents and her. His mother calls Haya down, so she can meet Hadi and be surprised. On her way down in an old T-shirt (Hadi’s) and roller in her hair, she grumbles that the wicked woman (her adoptive mother) doesn’t want her look beautiful for the love of her life.

On witnessing Hadi sitting in his parents’ room, Haya gets even more infuriated that all her plans have ruined. After much consolation from Hadi, Haya returns to her chirpy self and ends up cooking a huge feast for Hadi, a first for Haya who usually stayed away from household chores.

The scene changes and now Hadi and his parents are shown in the company of all his uncles and aunts and Uroosa, discussing about his stay abroad, while Uroosa and he engage in mild bantering. He invites Uroosa to join him for work in the hospital on the pretense that she is wasting her time sitting at home but in truth he wants her close to him every day.

The next day when he gets a chance to be alone with Uroosa in the hospital, he praises her for all her encouragement for following his dreams while his parents and Haya only insisted for his return.
Meanwhile, Haya labors away in the kitchen to cook up another feast for him while her maid teases her with Hadi’s name and how she can’t wait for the two of them to get married.

After returning from the hospital, Hadi expresses his wish to marry Uroosa much to his mother’s annoyance and Haya chagrin, who was eavesdropping on their conversation. His mother tries to convince him that marrying Uroosa is a bad idea as she is no match for Hadi but he remains undeterred.

On the other hand, Haya is furious as all her old insecurities come back. She was rejected by her father after her mother’s death, and she is rejected once more by Hadi.

The final verdict of the play is one that is definitely positive! Alvida is a play that one should watch and get entertained by for sure. Sanam Jung has done a good job on celluloid for once and has clearly stolen the limelight in the first episode.
Author – Rabia Ahmed