Nadia Khan the morning show queen started out with ARY Digital’s Breakfast with Nadia, which turned her into a household name and she became extremely popular. She later made her way to Geo Network where The Nadia Khan Show took the television world by storm and broke ratings records everywhere. It was evident that Nadia Khan had arrived and was here to stay.

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For a while Nadia Khan, due to unknown reasons, remain disconnected from the media and the recent promos of her upcoming morning show on Geo made everyone very excited!

Watch Nadia Khan’s New Morning Show on Geo TV Promo:

COming Soon only on GEO TV – Har Pal GeoFacebook: @NadiaKhanFC Official Hashtag: #NKS

Posted by GEO TV – Har Pal Geo on Wednesday, 21 October 2015

While we had been missing Nadia Khan in the morning transmission, she was busy spending time with her father and kids in the calm and peaceful atmosphere of Islamabad. She completely isolated herself from the glitzy showbiz life to do things she yearned for years.

“In last five years I did whatever I missed during my time in showbiz; from attending cousin weddings, to hanging out with friends, to take care of people I love and care about the most,” she said.

During this time Nadia was contacted by media bigwigs a couple of times, but she never accepted any offers stating “don’t force me for anything until the right time.”

When asked what made her think that now is the right time to return on screen, Nadia shared:

“Honestly, I believe last five years has been terrible for media and audience. In desperate need of ratings, channels and hosts treated masses with the worst line up of programs- especially morning transmission was horrible,” she said.

Nadia Khan revealed her intentions to correct all that has gone wrong in the past.

“Jab ap ke banayee hui jaga gandi hojati hai to dil karta hai pehle is ki safaayi karo, phir kuch karo. I believe I don’t have the right to criticize the modern hosts until I make an attempt to correct whatever has been wronged in the past,” she added.

Although Geo hasn’t officially announced Nadia Khan’s morning show, the recently released promos have revealed that she is making a comeback with something big and better.

COming Soon only on GEO TV – Har Pal GeoFacebook: @NadiaKhanFC Official Hashtag: #NKS

Posted by GEO TV – Har Pal Geo on Wednesday, 21 October 2015

On the current failure of morning shows, she said that the problem arose when our hosts forgot that they were there to inspire people. She believes that hosting a morning show was just like hypnotism, where the host controlled people’s mind through her words. Within two hours either she could positively inspire them, or completely destroy their lives with her materialistic approach.

In fact she blamed media for enforcing damaged values in the society through its absurd content. She also added that Turkish soap operas have contributed a lot in this regard, stating that a quick survey of the last five years of television programs would definitely lead to striking findings about the impact of television on masses.

“Turkish plays have introduced masses to a fantasy world. This contrast of reality vs fantasy has been the main culprit behind many broken families in Pakistan,” she said.

Nadia Khan added that a good morning show host is someone who can glue an audience to a channel for two hours without losing their interest in the show with her fascinating monologue.

desifreetv#NadiaKhan is coming back to #Geo #DesiFreeTV

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#NadiaKhan is coming back to #Geo #DesiFreeTV

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“Morning show host karna har kisi ke bus ke baat nahin – either it’s a gifted talent, or one can learn it with sheer dedication,” she added.

While Khan preferred to be tight-lipped about the content of her show, she did say that her show will not have any live audience.

Nadia Khan added that her aim is to educate and entertain audience in a manner that their faith in life’s positives increases. She wants her audience to be able to start a new day with hope that it would bring loads of happiness and be able to fight the hardships of life with dignity and courage.