Indian Actress Slapped director Subhash Kapoor for sexually assaulting her

Actress Geetika Tyagi who was sexually assaulted by ‘Jolly LLB’ director Subash Kapoor one and a half years ago has uploaded a video on youtube where the actress exposed the director and the video shows how highly agitated Geetika slapped Subhash Kapoor.

The video has been loaded on youtube with the title, ‘Subhash Kapoor’s true face’. The video shows how Subhash’s wife Dimple Kharbanda, pleading Tyagi and her boyfriend, director Atul Sabharwal, to keep the matter private for the sake of their son. “Sab kuch khatam ho gaya hai.. ek hi cheez bachhi hai, uss bachhe (their son) ka future”. Kharbanda was in tears and she was not able to speak, she was totally heartbroken.

Geetika’s voice was also heard, she was in tears saying, “I don’t know what to do,” Kapoor says. Finally, Tyagi towards Kapoor and slapped him.

Alongside the video, Tyagi has written, “My intentions of uploading this video is to caution those girls who will come in contact with this man, Subhash Kapoor, socially or professionally and will make the mistake of looking up to him as father-figure or as an elder brother and trust him and… for all girls who, if god forbid become victims of sexual assault, not to give in to pleading of their attacker’s wife, sister, mother, daughter or any woman who asks for your forgiveness for attacker… (sic)”

No sooner the video was loaded on site and the true face of Subhash Kapoor came into forefront, internet is buzz with comments. “Unbelievable. Power and big kudos to you! This would not have been easy”. “It took a lot of courage but finally I did it. Thank you Atul!” Tyagi posted on Twitter, even though she did not respond to our repeated calls.

Sabharwal also tweeted, “May this end the mental suffering that you’ve been going through ever since.”

Filmmaker Anand L Rai says that it’s very disturbing to hear about such instances. “Looks like the casting couch still exists. I don’t know what the solution is, but it’s the duty of a filmmaker to keep his image clean and focus on the creatives instead.”