Interesting Facts About Sajal Ali’s Drama Chup Raho

There is something about Pakistani drama dialogues that just remind you of one too many de javu moments. “Mein tumse pyar karti hoon,” is just one of the too many dialogues that people just never seem to forget.

Aurat hi aurat ka ghar barbaad karti hai and of course the legenday; “uss mein aisa kia hai jo mujh mein nahi.” These are some of the most memorable dialogues of Chup Raho; a controversial and edgy play that is aired on ARY on a weekly basis. The effect and controversial story this play has created is something that simply cannot be ignored. Revolving around the concept of twisted male mentality, the plot revolves around Sajjal who is being molested and tormented by her “dewar”, the fact that her own sister is married to this dysfunctional mastermind and refuses to believe a single word of Sajjal’s only complicates matter to the point of no return. Sajjal’s world disintegrates and crumbles right before her eyes, when her doting husband translates into an obnoxious and abusive misogynist. However, things take a turn for the worst when her own fleas and blood, her own sister refuses to believe anything Sajjal has to say and begins doubting her honesty and integrity.

Tum ne mujhe diya hi kiya hai dukh aur mehroomiyu ke siwa is the one dialogue that Chup Raho is most remembered for. The entire story line revolves around Sajjal who is being tortured from every aspect. Her “tormentor” is none other than her own husband’s cousin, amidst all this chaos is her submissive mother who is somehow trying her utmost best to save not just save Sajjal’s house, but also her elder sister’s house. It is amidst all this chaos that Sajjal’s tormentor refuses to listen and put an end to this evil treachery, in fact, his intentions to torture the heroine only intensify as do his efforts to dismantle the peace an quite of this pseudo household.

The most entertaining plot is the fact that Sajjal’s sister is as blind as a bat and constantly keeps reiterating how, “ek aurat doosri aurat ka ghar barbad kart hai.” It is this concept and psyche which is constantly emphasized throughout the play.
Author: Rabia Ahmed | Published on