Muneeb Butt expresses his feelings over his upcoming movie Ishq 2020 and says that the movie will remind you of the movie Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jainge. The actor came up with a strong performance during the course of his first movie and he received recognition through it.

Regarding his current and future works, Muneeb had this to say:

“Well my second film Ishq 2020 will start shooting in January and release sometime next year. I have to complete my on air television play Aik Thi Misaal which can be seen on Hum TV and I’m shooting another one for ‘Big Bang Productions’ called Tum Yaad Aae with Aagha Ali, Nadeem Baig, and Sania Saeed. Other than that I’m reading some scripts; there is something in the pipeline and hopefully another film will be finalised by next year”.

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About his movie Ishq 2020 and his role in the movie, he added:

“I’ll be portraying the character of a fun loving teenager, who is very lively, vibrant, and adventurous and has lots of trades to his personality. We have two action sequences in the film for which I’ll have to train a lot and look all muscular; it’ll be something like Tiger Shroff in Heropanti”.

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Talking about his role in the movie, Muneeb expressed his feelings by saying:

The theme of the film is about how ishq jaldi jaldi ho jata hai. It has a very fast pace script and the story is very interesting. You’ll get to see lots of beautiful frames and locations and the canvas would truly be larger than life.”

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Every actor has a dream role in mind and they need to work their way from the bottom to land with the opportunity they desire. Regarding the dream role, he said:

“Plan is to do serious sort of films. The heroes we are seeing in local productions are sort of same; I want to play a character like the one Shaz Khan played in Moor. I’ve already ventured into comedy with Halla Gulla and now the romantic genre with Ishq 2020; I want to do something different from what I’ve done”.

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