Ever since the time Jiah committed suicide in June 2013, there were news hovering over the fact that Sooraj was behind it as he was in a relationship with her. Sooraj has been accused of encouraging the star to do so which left her hanging from the fan in her flat.

There see,ms to be so,me evidence against Sooraj as CBI reported got hand of a letter that Jiah wrote before her siucide in which she explained that she was going through physical and mental torture by Sooraj. Both the stars met through a social media site and were in a relationship.

“It was alleged that a 3-page note seized by the state police on 10/06/2013 was written by Ms Jiah Khan, which narrated her intimate relationship, physical abuse and mental torture that she experienced at the hands of the said private person (Pancholi). The documents and the material objects of this case have been thoroughly and scientifically examined,” said the report.


“The Board of Forensic Medicine Experts has opined that the death was suicidal in nature, which corroborated the observation and opinion of the post-mortem doctor. The forensic statement-analysis of the note written by the deceased has opined that the said note allegedly represents her mental status genuinely and the circumstances and reasons behind her suicide.”

Before the horrendous event it is said that Jiah was living with Sooraj and she left the house after an argument . The fight continued through exchange of heated text messages and calls.