John skipped dinner at restaurant due to Bipasha’s presence

John Abraham accidentally bumped into the same restaurant where his ex-girlfriend Bipasha Basu was dining, and thus to avoid any further complications, he simply skipped the dinner and moved out.

Although it’s been quite a while since John Abraham and Bipasha Basu broke up from their decade long relationship, but the two still shares some negative vibes, and thus constantly avoid each other if unfortunately being present at the same place at the same time.

Recently, John had gone to a popular restobar in Andheri for a meeting, when he happened to spot Bipasha there, who was there with a friend for dinner. Apparently, the actor wasn’t much happy to see his ex in the same premises, and thus by sheer coincidence, he also got a call at the right the moment when he spotted her.
According to sources, the actor used the phone call as an excuse to walk out from the restaurant. Well, what a sad ending of one of the most long-running relationship in Bollywood! Hope everything gets sorted out soon!