John to fill in Sanjay’s shoes in Khalyanak remake!

John Abraham looks all set to be the lead in Shubash Ghai’s remake of 1993 blockbuster ‘Khalnayak’.

Shubash Ghai has produced several classic hits like Karma, Hero, Ram Lakhan and is now considering to re-make his old movies with a modern approach.

“My films ‘Hero’, ‘Karma’, ‘Ram Lakhan’ and ‘Khalnayak’ will be re-written and will be made in a fresh way,” he said.

At present the director is working on the remake of ‘Khalnayak’ which did wonders for Sanjay Dutt’s career.

“We are planning something on ‘Khalynayak’. We are working on that. We have few directors on board and we will make the announcement soon. We don’t want to reveal much now,” Ghai added.

“We are looking to present the story in a contemporary way.”

But when asked of John’s presence in the project, Ghai dodged the question saying, “We are still in the scripting stage. Once we finish scripting, we will think about the star cast. For us, the idea and the concept come first.”

Even if John is not seen in the movie, we can be sure of the fact the Sanjay Dutt won’t be a part of the remake as he shall be serving his jail sentence in connection to the 1993 Mumbai bomb blasts case.