Juggan Kazim and Feisal Naqvi Engagement Snaps

The season of Weddings this year has proven to be very lucky for most of the Lollywood personalities. Many are married now and rest of them is going-to-be. Juggan Kazim, the nymph of Pakistan showbiz is also one of them. She is interlocked with country-famous journalist and lawyer, Mr. Feisal H. Naqvi. She wore the engagement ring recently in an intimate ceremony and is soon going to marry him. Both were very happy on their engagement day. Juggan was wearing a decent skin suit with light make-up and accessories, while her man was also looking sophisticated and elegant.

Allah has blessed Juggun with both beauty & brains. She is a sweet-heart of many, because of her talent in mature acting and witty show hosting. There are so many evidences to prove this like Ms. Kazim had remained MTV model for year 2008 and she is brand ambassador of reputed ‘Garnier Frutis’ Pakistan. She has starred in many Pakistani and Canadian films as well. Jay Kazim is truly an asset for Pakistan showbiz. A shining star like Juggun, has a very heart-breaking biography. She was a daughter of separated parents. Furthermore, her own first espousal was turned down soon after a year. Ms. Juggun’s decision to get betrothed once again is wise both for her and her 9 years old son. In 2004, she met Adnan Ghafoor at a wedding and soon after some meetings they eloped and got married. But this marriage did not last longer and just after a year the couple took divorce; thus the marriage turned soar and since then she became a single mother for her only son, Humza. She focused upon her career too and after about ten years she made her mind again to get settled with Feisal. Feisal H. Naqvi is a successful political journalist. He is a handsome middle-aged man with fortune and skills in his field. We hope that his espousal with fans -favorite Juggan shall meet with happiness and bliss ever-after!