Unknown men at the Benazir Bhutto International Airport assaulted singer-turned-evangelist Junaid Jamshed, it emerged late Saturday night. A disturbing video of the attack made the rounds on social media.


According to airport police, Junaid Jamshaid has filed an application to lodge an FIR against the unidentified men. Jamshed said he was attacked by a group of seven to eight people whom he could identify.

Federal Information Minister Pervaiz Rashid has condemned the incident.

A handful of people chanted slogans against the preacher, claiming he had committed blasphemy, and lunged at him. They struck several blows and then momentarily released Jamshed, only to attack him again.

“We have been looking for you,” one male voice is heard saying in the footage.

“Hit him, him him,” they shouted.

Visibly shaken, Jamshed maintained silence for the most part and offered the crowd to “talk” as the men confronted him. Jamshed then retreated into the airport’s arrival lounge.

Many took to social media to condemn the attack on Jamshed.

Molana Tariq Jameel Shows Concern About Junaid Jamshed:

Junaid Jamshed took to twitter to condemn the brutal attack on himself by a bunch of religious fanatics on Islamabad airport and wished that he was not traveling alone.

Junaid moaned that these guys have failed to unite Muslim Ummah and hoped their coming generation would not be as ignorant as their ancestor are at present.

Attack on Junaid Jamshed – Public Reaction: