It may very well be known by pretty much all that dear friend of Kajol Shahrukh Khan and husband Ajay Devgan are not friends.


The friendship of the two stars goes as back as Dilwali Dulhania Lay Jayaingay but still SRK and Ajay don’t seem to be on the same page when it comes to their personal connection.

After being out of the silver screen for quite some time, the actress said that it was not just her friendship with SRK, the fans also loved them when they were together on screen. Kajol parted ways with acting but still remained very good friends with SRK throughout this time.

Kajol explained the fact that not being friends did not mean that Ajay and SRK did not meet or see each other but simply meant they were not friends.

Whenever Kajol and SRK have shared the screen, the fans have responded in a positive manner which can be seen from their movie My Name is Khan.

Both stars reunited again for their upcoming movie Dilwale. Lets see how the fans respond to the stars this time around!