Kareena Kapoor not comfortable with Ranveer Singh

Kareena Kapoor was very excited when the news first came out that she would be working with her first cousin Ranbir Kapoor in Zoya Akhtar’s next project. Zoya was very keen on reviving the brother-sister relationship on the big screen which has been forgotten for a long time now.

Reportedly, Kareena Kapoor Khan was very content and happy being paired up with her cousin Ranbir Kapoor but now, Ranbir has opted out of the project as his dates weren’t vacant. Zoya Akhtar roped in the ‘casanova’, Ranveer Singh to fill in Ranbir’s spot. But Kareena Kapoor is now in two minds if she can be convincing enough when cast against someone who isn’t actually her brother. Come on! As if all her co-stars are her boyfriends?

Definitely Ranbir Kapoor is a very talented lad and his performances have been outstanding in all his recent flicks and his ‘bailing’ out of the project might have disappointed Kareena Kapoor. But the replacement Ranveer Singh is quite talented aswell. Kareena Kapoor had already rejected a Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Ram Leela, in which she was supposed to cast opposite Ranveer Singh. But later Deepika Padukone was chosen to do the role.

Kareena has some sort of miff with Ranveer Singh seemingly. Maybe Ranveer’s flirtatious nature is not something Kareena is comfortable with. Infact, Ranveer Singh had once declared in a TV show that he has a ‘thing’ for the hot actress. So this makes us think that Kareena wants to steer away from films with actors who try to be over-friendly with her.