Karishma Tanna Declared The most Hated Person On Bigg Boss 8

Viewers of Bigg Boss 8 have tagged Tanna as the most irritating and annoying contestant of this season
Nation’s most controversial reality show, Bigg Boss, has always managed to grabbed eyeballs with its dramatic episodes where forgotten celebrities vie with one another to come into the limelight again.

Each season has had characters that were mischief makers, lovers, cry-babies amongst many others. And the ongoing season 8 is no different. One individual who has made a name (for all the wrong reasons, of course) for herself is none other than Karishma Tanna.

As many of you will already know, one of the tasks required contestants to put chili powder and paste on their fellow inmates. As Karishma graciously obliged and applied it on Gautam Gulati, the chili was unbearable for him and he hurled abuses at her. Grabbing the opportunity, Karishma began whining and began that entire tamashaa of “National television pe mujhe gaali di hai.” Gautam did apologise a couple of times but her banter never ceased. That’s not it. She also gave a lecture on how unfairly women are treated on the Weekend episode with host Salman Khan, who defended Gautam and called Karishma’s behaviour inappropriate. And honestly, we couldn’t agree more with the Kick actor.

And that was not to be the only incident. She has had feuds with other woman in the house like Minissha Lamba, Soni Singh and Sonali Raut. In fact, in a candid conversation with Upen Patel, Sonali called Karishma “unclassy” and “a woman who has come from a slum”

Not only contestants and Salman, even viewers have called her annoying and asked Bigg Boss to eliminate her from the house. Some of them have even compared Karishma to Dolly Bindra, who is known as the most annoying character in Bigg Boss until now.

Here are few viewers’ tweets who commented on Karishma’s aggressive behaviour and her attitude:

@Zara_Ahmad: Compared to Karishma, Dolly Bindra is one classy lady! #BiggBoss8 #BB8

@MummasgirlZahra: sonali was right..she comes from ‘slums’ #BiggBoss8

@PLoading: Contestants get paid on the drama they do everyday.so far Krishma is the highest paid contestant #BiggBoss8

@sweetxtoxiic: #bb8 Karishma Tanna makes Dolly Bindra look classy…sonali was right..she comes from ‘slums’ #BiggBoss8

@Tweetaard: Can someone please shove a stick or something down Karishma Tanna’s mouth? #BiggBoss8 #WTF

‏@Sarun92: Karishmas comment about Gujarati/Marathi medium education was so uncalled for. The woman is vile. #BB8 #BiggBoss8

‏@Poonam_PandaZ: Can Tanna just leave tho? #GetKarishmaOut

‏@saumyavarshney: #BiggBoss8 can you plz evict karishma tanna.. she is super annoying

@Bact_man: What really shocks me is the fact that Karishma Tanna has a FC. I mean seriously guys, you like her of all people?! #BiggBoss8

@anischster: that squeaky irritating voice of psycho aggressive freak + social disorder #vaaghran #KarishmaTanna makes me wanna chokeslam her #BiggBoss8

@armaan_xo: #BiggBoss8 Karishma is as annoying as a constantly flickering eye. I hope @BeingSalmanKhan shoves some sense into her this weekend

‏@Adiba_xx: Karishma Tanna lol are you trying to get famous by acting like this on #BB8 like She so desperate, it’s disgusting.What a loser. #BiggBoss8