Mirror stumbled upon some rare pictures of Katrina Kaif on a little-known entertainment website. Turns out they were leaked by an anonymous blogger.

In the dozen or so pictures, the actress is seen letting her gaurds down and enjoying some special family time. Obviously, she had no idea the images would someday go viral on the internet.

Not many people know Kat has six sisters: Mellisa, Natasha, Sonia, Christina, Sarah and Isabella Kaif. And though Kat is undoubtedly the most popular, Isabella, who is yet to enter the portals of filmdom, was caught in an MMS controversy not so long ago.

Also seen is an older picture of Kat and her siblings along with their father and mother Sussana Turquotte. We can only guess which of the kids is baby Katrina.In another picture, Katrina is seen chilling by the poolside with her sisters. Perhaps after a pajama party? And this was way before her two piece bikini Boom days.

When contacted, Katrina, who is known to guard her private life fiercely, refused to comment on the leaked pictures.