Khoobsurat Review: Light hearted film with amazing performance by Fawad Khan

Storyline: The film is the remake of Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s 1980 film Khoobsurat, which had Rekha as the female lead. Sonam plays a role of Mili, who lives in Delhi and is a physiotherapist by profession. She is born and brought up in a happy-go-lucky atmosphere. She is a believer of fairytales and dreams of his prince charming.

Mili is sent to Rajasthan to treat the paraplegic Shekhar Rathore, Raja of Sambalgarh. She discovers that there is an unsaid, unspoken competition of snobbery with a grumpy wheelchaired father, a strict and disciplinarian mom, a frustrated daughter and a busy son. Over the course of her stay in the mahal, Mili charms the Rathore family, especially young Yuvraj Singh Rathore (Fawad Khan) – with her free spirit and funny antics which becomes the reason of Rathore family’s separation. And this is time of test for Yuvraj’s love for Mili.

Khoobsurat Review: Everyone has been wondering if this new version could touch a Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s classic, but the film didn’t ruin the old film’s charm so badly. Unlike the earlier version, Khoobsurat is more about the young couple’s love story. Sonam Kapoor plays the clumsy Mili and manages to impress occasionally. Her undeniable star presence and a gorgeous, infectious smile works well for her in the film.

When we talk about the new guy in Bollywood – Fawad Khan, it is useless to discuss his acting skills. We have seen that in his serial Zindagi Gulzar Hai. After watching this film, you’ll come to know that why all the girls are going ga-ga over Fawad because he really has talent with great looks. He fits perfectly in the role of a snobbish Prince who secretly falls in love with the chirpy physiotherapist. Ratna Pathak Shah tries her best to fill in mommy’s big shoes (Dina Pathak) as she plays Niramala Devi but suffers heavily from the Sarabhai hangover. Kirron Kher, despite her innumerable Punjabi mom performance, does evoke a few hearty laughs. If you wish to watch a light hearted time pass film, then this one would not be bad choice.