The drama that revolves around two people working and trying hard to stick together as a couple will witness Ali Abbas and Sonya Hussain sharing the screen. Ali Abbas explained the drama in his own words in the following ways to give an idea ahead of time:

“In a nut shell, the drama is basically about two extremely odd people living together as husband and wife and their struggle to accept each other,” he said.

He further said,

“My character is of a very simple guy hailing from interior Punjab so I had to look a certain way. The audience will find me in an entirely different look in this serial.”

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Both the stars where part of another project named Mein Kamli which is a drama which is more of a drama that talks about the problems of killing and women empowerment. Ali Abbas had this to say about it:

“I play Sikander – a macho man in Mein Kamli. To get the required build I had to employ an intense work out regime during that play. We started working on the characterization almost two month ago. In it [Mein Kamli], I have long hair and a mustache. I have also applied a lot of surma and wear customized kurtas for it.”

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