The movie Maalik is written and directed by Ashir Azeem and is one of those movies which can be said as not to be missed. The movie has all the ingredients of action, romance, comedy and emotions and is a story of retired SSG officer and his anti-corruption crusade against those in power.

Pakistani Movie #Maalik Movie Review ==>

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The story revolves around Major Asad (Ashir Azeem) who is giving security to the Chief Minister of a province. The officer witnesses various atrocities on Pakistani and across the border citizens. The ex army maneale seeing the failure of the system takes matters into his own hands.

The story is of a common man who starts his own revolution against the very croupt system in the country. Major Asad’s (Ashir Azeem) wife passes away when his only child is born and he begins this clean operation using the army intelligence he possess.

The peak point in the movie is when Major Asad (Ashir Azeem) had to bear the death of his wife. The movie is slow in the start and things really get hot when the operation to catch some kidnappers is going on and is surely very entertaining.

Sajid Hasan, Mohammad Ehteshamuddin and Rashid Farooqui are part of the movie with Tatmain-ul-Qulb putting up a brilliant performance.

The movie explains the problems of corrupt political system, Afghan war and Talibanization but due to the abrupt inclusions things don’t turn out to be as you want. Major Asad’s wife gives birth to a daughter and in the very start of the film they show his daughter(Mariam Ansari) fighting with a guy calling him bhai. So who is that guy and what’s the point of showing that conversation?

Nonetheless, the attempt made in the current times is very good and we hope it sees a lot of success!