Magic Of Pakistani Dramas On Zindagi Long Lasting Or Not?

Pakistani dramas seem to have taken over Indian people’s monotonous humdrum lives in a huge way. Instead of family time, households across India enjoy “drama time” between 8 to 11 p.m. One channel in particular that has caught the attention and TRP ratings is Indian Zindagi channel. It boasts of showing “substantial” Pakistani dramas like Maat and Bari Aaapa.

However, this pseudo popularity is not long lasting to say the least. As if extra marital affairs were not bad enough, dramas like Maat and Bardi Aapa exploit the candid relationship of sisterhood. Two sisters becoming daggers drawn over one man is simply too much to digest even for our sensibilities. It’s obvious that Pakistani directors and script writers are running out of angles and stories that are gripping and strong, however, resorting to weak plots like the ones mentioned above are now losing interest among fans and audiences at large.

Both Pakistani and Indian masses are clearly starved for good intelligent entertainment. There was a time not very long ago, when PTV would proudly air soaps like “Ankahi” “Fifty Fifty” and “Guesthouse.” Attempt to recapture that era and time is resulting in soaps that look, feel and sound identical in their plot, script and direction. It is almost as if they are all coming out of the same assembly line and are being aired one after the other in a consecutive coherent manner.

Zindagi began with helping break Muslim stereotypes in India, where most don’t really have access to Muslim homes and carry distorted dark pictures of them, particularly of ‘oppressed’ Muslim women. But unfortunately, Zindagi stories are now falling into tired old stereotypes of Muslim men taking on second wives and pronouncing divorce with the controversial triple talaaq, now banned in most Muslim countries.

Questions are being thrown at Muslims. ‘Is talaq really so easy? Can you just send it in a letter like Madiha’s husband in drama serial Madiha Maliha ? Is cousin marriage so common?’

In almost every Pakistani play aired on Zindagi, affairs and marriages take place between families, khala, mamoo, taya, chacha, phuphis… Zindagi is getting increasingly incestuous and many are commenting that this must be true of Pakistani society.

With repetitive themes and saas bahu elements coming in, It’s probably going to be a matter of time before channel Zindagi’s viewers realize that entertainment is not a tag that cheap dramas can apply onto themselves, it is show business with a twist of intelligence and a dash of wit and humour combined. Zindagi viewers will eventually start switching back to Indian soaps. Watch out Zindagi!

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Author – Rabia Ahmed