Mahesh Bhatt – The savior of Pakistani actors

Mahesh Bhatt, Pooja Bhatt and Mukesh Bhatt, have all been very close to Pakistan and especially Pakistanis. Is Mahesh Bhatt dipping into this talented pool of Pakistani actors and giving them a life? Mahesh has helped all those and given them incredible fame and a reason to exist. Meera, Mona Lizza (Sara Loren), Atif Aslam are a few to name. The Bhatts had visited Pakistan and kept their eyes on this pool of swimming talent.

So is it safe to say that Mahesh Bhatt will be giving soul to these talented yet lifeless Lollywood Actors? The Bhatts have always done movies in low budgets and yet successful hits!

One more thing known about the Bhatts is that they are not hypocrites. Some further research from Lollywood Café, found out that Mahesh Bhatt and his siblings had a Muslim mother and a Hindu father, who did not marry Mahesh’s mother.

Mahesh Bhatt converted to Islam and has two wives, one is a Christian and the second wife, Soni Yazdaani is a Muslim. So there is a connection to the religion and maybe that’s why the strong interest in Pakistan.