Mahira Khan in line with Fawad Khan

As all of you might very well be aware of the fact that Fawad Khan refused to do any intimate scene while staring opposite to the 22 year old Alia Bhatt. Following his lines and gaining respect of many is Mahira Khan says that to become famous one does not need to do item songs.

Mahira kicked off with the super TV series ‘Humsafar’ and it was just the beginning. The actress recently stared in the movie ‘Bin Roye’. Although many say that this movie was a disaster but they should keep this in mind that the movie grossed Rs.80 crores (US$7.8 million) worldwide. This was a quite an achievement in the reviving cinema as this was the highest grossing movie ever in Pakistan.

In the past, we have seen many Pakistani actress that have flown across the border have ended up doing bold scenes. Mahira, despite staring opposite to Shahrukh Khan revealed that wearing less clothes and doing bold scenes does not guarantee one being famous.

Nevertheless, the rising star Mahira who is now stepping into Bollywood and plans to continue on the same roads. Despite being across the border Mahira refuses to work on anyone else’s terms but herself. Despite being in the spot lights of Asia, Mahira is able to keep the core values and culture alive in herself which is quite amazing.

While working for her upcoming movie Raees, Mahira did not mind chit chatting with others that are involved on set with her. Mahira’s hard work and friendly nature resulted in her being nick named as ‘Mazdoor Khan’ on set.

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