Mahira Khan Ready To Debut On Indian TV Channel

Pakistani actress who rose to fame with movie ‘Bol’ is excited for her debut on Indian television with ‘Humsafar’.

The Pakistani hit drama series ‘Humsafar’ starring Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan is expected to hit small screens soon, the hype has already been created for the Pakistani drama series to feature in India.

According to Indian media reports ‘Bol’ star says, she finds it unbelievable that her TV drama ‘Humsafar’ has generated excitement before going on air.

“When it aired in Pakistan, there was no hype all the craze started after it got released but I have been told that people are waiting for the drama. I am surprised this is a new feeling for me. I just hope it lives up to the hype. Sometimes I feel like saying, please don’t be that excited, let it come first. I am really grateful to fans though”.

Mahira Khan also shared her views about her real-life friendship with Fawad Khan. She said,

“Our friendship is a recent one. We have now grown close. At that time we were not friends but we had a certain comfort level and both of us trusted each other as actors. I am so happy for him. I have seen all his movie promos and they bring a smile on my face, every time I watch them. Fawad has handled things so well in India. He was not used to too many interviews here in Pakistan but now he gives so many in a day and he does it excellently,” media reported.