In a world where racism is being trying to get rid off and many people are working for the cause, Mahira has also put in her support.

The actress said that she will not endorse any cream adds for fairness purposes as it was high time and we need to movie ahead of the complex debate.

“I don’t judge people who use or endorse fairness creams but it is dangerous when this whole concept gives you a complex. Which, I know for a fact, it does because when women talk [about girls] in our society, they ask ‘gori hay’? what sort of a question is that?

“We have a very powerful entertainment industry, we are the media. We are watched everyday in every household. If we don’t break this concept, we will drive it in more. I have strictly decided not to do a commercial that has anything to do with fairness creams,” the actress said.

“Forget fairness, unfortunately our dramas constantly glorify every kind of stereotype,” Mahira said. “She is a bad girl if she is wearing jeans and a good girl if her head is covered.”

“I remember there was a dialogue in Humsafar where I have to tell my mother-in-law ‘aap nagin hain’, so I told my director ‘Sarmad yeh toh main nahi keh sakti’. Because we really won’t say these things in real life. Let’s not glorify things which shouldn’t be,” she added further.

Talking about her life and the movie Ho Mann Jahan she said:

“The year 2014 was the hardest for me [in terms of work], but HMJ was a home project so Azlaan used to accompany me to the sets. Bin Roye took two years in the making. It should have wrapped up a bit earlier but it continued, and then Ho Mann Jahaan came and within these two came Raees. I have never overlapped two acting projects because of time.”

Taking about the big worldwide issue of underpayment of women the star said :

“I don’t think it’s about gender disparity or equality. It is about who can make more money at the box office. We shouldn’t make it about men and women but if you think you are being treated differently for being a woman then it’s wrong and you should fight for your right.”

Talking about her fashion:

“Believe it or not, I am not fond of dressing up. If you see me on a regular day, you will find me in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt or any of my 15 white shalwar kameez.”

“I have picked the best items in my wardrobe from the streets of different cities. Also I think there is no better place than Sunday bazaar to shop from in the world. So many of my bags and coats are from there. I love it.”

In response to a question about love the star said:

“A relationship is important to me. I feel awkward talking about my personal life. I don’t fall in love easily, but once I am in love, it continues for years and years. It stays, has stayed and will stay with me forever.”

“At this stage in my life, I feel scared to even think about it. But I strongly believe in love and that too old-school romance as described in old Hindi songs,” she said.