Mahira Khan Too Innocent For Bollywood

Flawless skin, doe eyed and a perfect Cupid’s bow mouth; Mahira Khan is simply too ethereal for her own good. The quintessential good girl image, Mahira is typically known as the “naik parveen” of our very own tinsel town. The good girl image definitely has its charm and benefits in a place like Pakistan. Where men love the white washed Virgin Mary avatar and women strive hard to portray that very image.

In such an instance the fact that Mahira exudes this charm with such effortless apse is something that is truly commendable in its own right. Mahira has steadily climbed the ladder of success with her fresh image as a video jokey, she made a smashing entrance in Hamsafar; and then in Sarmad Khoosat’s Sheher-e-eZaat. Her current drama Sadqay Tumharey portrays her as the “goun ki gori” who is besotted by her childhood fiancé and wants to marry him at all costs. This image of Mahira’s has definitely made a solid impact on the minds of millions of viewers everywhere.

Mahira is a true beauty, inside and out, there is no deputing the fact that what she portrays on the outside is definitely a mirror reflection of all the goodness and purity that she has on the inside as well. However, the fact that now she has taken the monumental leap and gone to Bollywood and signed a film with none other than the King of Bollywood himself; Shahrukh Khan, we will now wait and see if this adulation and stardom changes her in anyway.

The fact that people change and somehow go through a mental makeover when they hit Bollywood soil is a matter that needs to be kept in consideration. However, the facts that Mahira will change colours like a chameleon is something only time will tell us. It is our true and sincere hope that she in no way gets corrupted by the media glare that seems to affect one too many stars in Bollywood.

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Author – Rabia Ahmed