Main Bushra Where Mawra Exposes The Social Treatment of Women

Pakistan’s new sensation the fresh and bubbling Mawra Hocane is making waves in the drama industry not only because of her young and vibrant personality, but also because of the sort of work she is endorsing and doing. Her current drama “Mein Bushra” which is being aired on ARY is highlighting issues regarding subjugation and suppression of women despite making it big in the realm of professionalism. Marwa plays the main protagonist, Bushra who ends up getting married to a rich relative of her boss. Faisal Qureshi is playing the male protagonist in the drama and is depicted as a callous and heartless man who uses Bushra to get back to his mother.

Bushra is shown as a character that has to support her family and siblings on a constant basis and her struggle to maintain calm and remain neutral in various situations is a clear indication of how women in our society have to struggle every step of the way.

Aired every Thursday at 8:00p.m.on ARY Digital, “Mein Bushra” is a tangible step by Mawra in the world of entertainment to highlight the sort of trials and tribulations that prove to be impediments in the path of straightforward hardworking women in our society.
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Author – Rabia Ahmed