Om Puri is visiting Pakistan on a three-day visit to attend International Film Festival which is in being conducted
by RPTW. Om Puri is one of those actors who are strictly against the wave of extremism in India and has openly expressed his views.

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Talking about Islam and the beef eating issue, the star said “We export beef and earn dollars from it.” The actor further said that Ghulam Ali and the cancelling of his concert came as a big disappointment for him and he did not expect that. Om Puri said that such issues should not be misleading as 90 percent of the Indians had nothing against their Pakistani neighbors.

He explained that fact that he asks the question that if Pakistan was terrorist then why did they suffer from attacks and why did Pakistani children become martyrs from the hands of terrorists.

“I request all those misled people to quit the ways which lead to hatred. Allah has warned against taking lives of innocent people, why being humans such elements were behaving like animals,” he said.

“Lahore is a great historical city,” he said after explaining that if India and Pakistan were one country then Lahore would have been the hub for the industry. He went on saying that both couintries have i,m,mense talent and this is the reason that Bollywood is importing talent from across the border lately.