Mallika Sherawat at Variety studio: The babe makes a fool of herself!

Putting on a heavy and very fake American accent, Mallika Sherawat took great delight in blowing her own trumpet through the interview
Murder babe Mallika Sherawat was seen making a boo-boo on an international platform. From claiming that she was the first female to wear a bikini to saying that she was the first actor to kiss onscreen in Indian films– Mallika made it a point to blabber utter nonsense with that artificial twang she seems to have developed after she set up house in Los Angeles. She went on a self-complimenting spree – and we love the part when she puts her foot firmly in her mouth and starts chewing…hard!

“I was lucky to get international exposure when I was first invited to the Cannes.” We got the uncontrollable giggles when she said exposaaa. Just when we though the tomfoolery was about to come to an end, she got the concept of her film all wrong. When asked her about her next Bollywood flick The Dirty Politics, she muttered that it’s about a nurse who was raped by a politician and how she had the courage to stand up against the injustice, despite belonging to a regressive society. But in reality the film is about a midwife who got involved with a minister and blackmailed him, insisting that unless he paid her a huge sum of money, she would publicly release a CD of the two having sex, to the press. Soon after she disappeared, Bhanwri Devi’s husband accused the politician of killing his wife after raping her. The remains, by the way, were discovered only fairly recently, but that is another story…

Watch the interview if you feel like rolling on the floor chortling. The confab wouldn’t have been even half the fun without that messed up accent and the hodge-podge grammar. And, of course, Ms Sherawat’s astonishing ego!