Mamta Kulkarni celebrates Honeymoon in Nairobi after converting to Islam

Mamta Kulkarni is in news again. She has been a versatile actress of 90’s of last centuary in Bollywood. Mamta Kulkarni had created her own mass.

She had worked with Mithun Chakraborty, Ajay Devgan, Bobby Deol, Shahrukh Khan, Sanjay Dutt, Akshay Khanna but suddenly she disappeared from the sight of her fans by rejecting many films too and she fled to Dubai with international drug kingpin Vicky Goswami she fell in love with this Vicky . But Vicky was arrested in Dubai and was sentenced to jail for 25 years. Mamta Kulkarni keeps looking after his real estate business .

However the news is this only that her husband Vicky is now come out from the jail on mercy ground because he was converted to Islam and he got married to Mamta Kulkarni through Islamic ritual and the Islamic state Dubai had provided mercy for his well behaved nature and he was released fifteen years before.

It is reported that after converting to Islam, Mamta kulkarni celebrated her honeymmon in Nairobi with her husband.

Mamta Kulkarni alleged the big director Raj Kumar Santoshi for cutting her scenes from the film China Gate. She said that she had prevented SANTOSHI’S ADVANCES and that’s why, her role was shortened. Director Raj kumar Santoshi brushed off her allegation. Mamta Kulkarni had connection with gangster who intimidated Santoshi too.
MAMTA kulkarni created a sensation over her topless beauty for a magazine STARDUST. This had made the people mad but court had summoned her and she appeared in court in burqua to evade the audiences.

Mamta Kulkarni had gone far from Bollywood but she came much closer to controversy for her each step.
At the same time, she continued to be dogged by controversy. In 1997, she was reportedly paid a large amount to perform at a private function by a legislator from Bihar, who was later arrested after investigations into the Fodder Scam case. Kulkarni was interrogated, she accepted that she had gone for an event but she refused to have any connection with corrupt legislator.
Mamta Kulkarni was a sexy, hot, vivacious and mass-appreciated heroine but she gradually killed her stardom.
Stardom is converted to notoriety …..Alass.