The first episode of the much anticipated drama Mann Mayal starring Hamza Ali Abbasi and Maya Ali was finally aired. The inaugural episode of the drama was quite interesting and entertaining as there was alot of things incorporated in the 40 minutes episode.

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The comedy in the drama makes it all the more amazing and what is amazing is that the first episode was used to introduce the characters very well. The episode also witness Mannu (Maya Ali) pulling up a strong performance. Maya plays the role of a girl who chooses people who will be in her life and her personality suits the role for sure.

Salahuddin (Hamza Ali Abbasi) and Mannu who are attracted to each other get fully aware when they interact directly one day. Mannu’s cousin, Bia on the other hand is quite aware of the fact as to what is going on. Mannu has a very good relationship with her family and with rest of the people which include her aunts and cousins.

Despite Mannu failing the exam, Salahuddin kept the word and gave an impression that he wasn’t among the angry people as he took them to the mazar. All the scenes were to the point which the reason as to why the first episode was so elaborate. Salahuddin’s teaching and Mannu’s learning prove be an interesting mix as the star and Mannu believes she can do anything but fails to get correct answers when it comes to exams.

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The marriage proposal is sent and when Mannu finds out she is eager to know what Salahuddin feels. This comes as a preview of the next episode. The drama has lived up to expectation and started on a high note. Lets see what happens in the next episode.

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