Lahore: In what appeared to be a tit for tat response over Reema’s remarks, Meera has said that marrying with a wealthy aged man in greed has proved Reema’s “skills”.

In an interview with the Urdu language daily Express, Meera said that Reema was a greedy woman and it was evident from her marriage with an old man.

“Setting aside 12 year old rivalry I had extended my hand for friendship but she (Reema) proved to be a selfish woman”, Meera added.

Meera said that she was now determined to purge the film industry of “2 Number” women, adding that she would soon held a press conference to expose Reema.

She noted that receiving top civil award was the proved of her skills.

Reema on Thursday advised Meera that if she wanted to find out a good life partner like her, she should refrain from making statements.