Mathira has been in seen in the news every now and then but never as a positive symbol. Nevertheless, celebrities are also normal human beings but this is for sure that they have the added responsibility of behaving and acting decently as they represent their nation internationally.


Social media is one of the forums where you can learn about the stars in depth as another side of them can be seen which cannot be witnessed during morning shows or interviews. Mathira falls in the category of people who seem to be in a nutshell which is hard on the outside but she is soft from the inside. She expresses her feeling in terms of feeling hurt when she is let down through the social media forum and also expresses her feelings the same way.

Like every other human, Mathira also feels that level of pressure at a point becomes so much that she feels very broken. She is someone who tries to be of help to anyone in times of need irrespective of the fact if the person has hurt her or not. Mathira tries to explain that she is not the person who lets people go out of her life but still there are people who love her without knowing her properly. Her posts also signify that people at times use her and she lets them do that as long as it makes them happy.

Here are a few of her posts:

No matter how sad i am your presence lights up my life with a smile 🌾#gonewiththewinds #flowerchild #Mathira #boo

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