We have seen that Hamza Ali Abbasi is known for using his social media accounts for his candid views and at times these end up being controversial.

There are a lot of things he has done in the past and this time around it was the topic of ‘maulvis’ and ‘liberals’ as he drew comparison between the two.


What Hamza concluded was that maulvis are better than so-called progressive liberal modern class simply because maulvis don’t put a red signal on discussion of religion by a personality like him as he is an actor. There was criticism for the star after he was talking of religion and the reason for this being, his item song in the movie Jawani Phir Nahi Ani.

“Many among the tolerant, the modern and liberal Pakistanis have often mocked me for talking about religion, against item numbers and yet being present at award shows,”
he said.

According to Hamza not only are liberals problematic but they are the ones who are the reason behind people picking sides.

Hamza explained:

“They force you to take one side, as if you have to be a maulvi to even mention religion. However, I have never experienced such insecurity and mockery when I visit any mosque or madrassa. Never has a maulvi ever said to me that “tum actor ho, masjid mein kiya ker rahay ho“. I have seen more open minds & tolerance in those bearded men and hijabi women than in the so called progressive liberal modern class,”

Hamza also established some fans from within the media industry like Junaid Jamshed who said,

“Listening to Hamza Ali Abbasi about religion was a revelation. Mashallah,” Junaid tweeted.

Talking about his visit to mosque and what he felt Hamza said:

“In a mosque/madrassa in Islamabad, where hundreds of bearded men and hijabi women were gathered, I, an actor, a person from media, shared and discussed religious matters.”

“We agreed and disagreed and had a great time yet none of these “maulvis” branded me a hypocrite for talking about religion while being an actor, no one called me a miraasi, nobody thought my input was any less than theirs.

“I was shown utmost love and respect and they valued my input on Islam. To those who bash maulvis all the time, maybe sometimes we can learn a lot about tolerance from these ‘maulvis’,” he said.


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