Yes! it is not a secret anymore..Many people were curious to know why Mawra’s surname is spelled ‘Hocane’ instead of ‘Hussain’. Well Express Tribune thought it would be interesting to find out the story behind these odd and unconventional spellings of her surname which is actually ‘Hussain’.

They asked Mawra the story behind Hocane and she said,

“I changed the spelling of my surname name when I was in the seventh grade back when I had no idea it would become so famous one day that people would start asking questions about it.”

Mawra revealed,

“I knew my first name was unique because people always asked me what it meant. But in my class, a lot of students had the same surname: Hussain. It’s silly but I was very little then and I wanted my surname to be unique too. So I changed the spelling and started writing it as Hocane….I thought people would pronounce the ‘C’ as ‘S’, like in Celina and never thought people would pronounce it ‘Hu-Can’ and not Hussain. But that obviously never happened.”

When asked why her sister Urwa also changed her surname’s spelling, Mawra explained:

“My mother chose our names very carefully. My sister’s first name is Urwa Tul Wusqua and my brother’s name is Mohammad Ins e Yazdan. Urwa had to add Hocane in her name because people started to wonder if we were sisters. I didn’t want to change it back to Hussain so I convinced her to spell it Hocane.”

Mawra shared that she once considered changing her surname spelling back to the original but when she did she said that fans started asking all sorts of questions. She told Express Tribune,

“I changed the spelling to Hussain on my Instagram account but that led to even more questions. Fans started asking me if I had gotten married. In three days, I realised it can’t be changed and I should stick to it no matter what anyone says. Also it’s everywhere now; Google, Facebook, Twitter. It would make it difficult for fans to look me up if I change it.”

Although many people still pronounce her surname wrong due to odd spellings, Mawra said that she does not mind it.