Mawra Hocane’s first Bollywood movie did not turn out to be a huge success but the acting that she has been able to pull off has certainly amazed quite a lot of people in the industry.

She said that

“I worked hard, It’s the same reason why Priyanka Chopra went from here to Hollywood – to grow as an actor.”

Mawra made her way into the acting industry when she was only 13 years old as she was part of theater. Since then her popularity and acting skills have been growing.

Talking about her elder sister Urwa’s role in her life and the sort of work she wants to do Mawra said:

“Urwa is a year older but she has been an inspiration. She’s headstrong and decisive. She’s done films in Pakistan. This is probably the only thing where I didn’t follow her. It was a deliberate decision to do my first film here. I don’t want to do a big film with a star where I’m just a pretty face. I did Sanam Teri Kasam because there was scope to perform, I played the nerdy, introvert who transforms into the quintessential Bollywood heroine,” she laughs. “I got to cry, scream, smile, get drunk…”

Talking about the co actor in her first movie Mawra said,

“There’s something special about Harsh,” she claims. “He follows his instincts. He’s not chirpy or talkative, He takes time opening up. But he grows on you. Our bond grew stronger over time. More so, he’s an extraordinary actor. Since the movie is an intense love story, there were days we had our mood swings. I used to call him after a tough day. He was a silver lining in the dark clouds. When I had mehendi on my hands for a shot, he fed me and even painted my nails.”

Talking about the music in the movie she said,

“I was happy when I got to know that Himesh Reshammiya would be giving the music. My favourite song is Tera chehra and then it’s Kheech meri photo, which I believe is my Zara sa jhoom loon main (Dilwale Dulhaina Le Jayenge) moment.”

Talking about the response from the Bollywood fans Mawra said,

“I fall short of adjectives. I’ve received so much affection here. I feel Bollywood jitna aapka hai, utna hi mera hai, There’s great energy and vibe in this country. It’s the love for art that binds India and Pakistan. Both the countries give equal love and respect to artistes. We share a similar language.”