We have seen the talented and versatile Mawra Hocane was flourishing in the drama industry but now she turned towards Bollywood to kick off her career there. Harshvardhan Rane also made his debut with the two celebrities in lead roles in the movie Sanam Teri Kasam.

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The movie is story of a girl who abides by the rules of the society while on the other side the male played by Harshvardhan is the total opposite of the girl. The movie can said to be the traditional love story but the music and songs in the movie make it a treat to watch. However, when it comes to the point when the girl gets a makeover to look pretty fails quite a bit as it has been done better in the past.

As long as the focus stays on its leads, the film does a good job. Harshavardhan, besides flaunting his perfectly chiseled torso and walking topless all through the film, give his angst some charm. Mawra matches up with her innocence and vulnerability. From Inder softening every time he is around Saraswati, to watching them goof around in Kheech Meri Photo, they are a treat from the word go. You want to invest in these characters but the movie gets shrill over its 155 minutes, a little too sappy for liking and eventually boring. Your heart genuinely goes out to Harsh and Mawra who are let down by their clumsy narrative.

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According to many critics, the movie could have been better than what it is and this is the reason that it is being said to be below average. Some reviews are comparing the likes of Aditya Roy Kapoor and Shraddha with Mawra and Harshvardhan.

The flaws are present but it gives both these debutante stars to learn for their next movies in future.

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