Meera declared Allama Iqbal the composer of National Anthem!

Meera has had been in the news often for her not-so-good English skills previously but what comes as a surprise this time is her general knowledge about her country. While talking to media in a press conference, the actress confidently declared Allama Iqbal to be the poet of the Pakistani national anthem which has somehow forced the anchors of all channels to use this news as a resource.

She has been complaining from the audience about the jokes which are been cracked on her personal life, including her English and political skills, she was generous enough to state that she has not taken anything on heart by now.

Meera also lately declared that she hates English and loves her native language only. Apart from being in news for such controversies, Meera is busy with upcoming projects and is really happy with the business which her last movie ‘Ishq Khuda’ generated.

We wish the lady more power but it would be really great if she at least revises the basic knowledge about her country, after all, it has nothing to do with English in particular.

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