One of the controversial figures in the industry, Meera has once again pulled out a stunt which has caught the eyes of many in Nadia Khan’s morning show.


Earlier we reported that she wanted to take over the show’s affairs before she wanted to come. Nadia talked about her unprofessional behavior at the start of the show and facts were presented proving that the celebrity wasn’t right on what she did (like always). This always comes after she herself requested to be on the show.

It is also being reported that Meera was wearing shades when she arrived and had swollen eyes and it is being said that she was not in her senses. On her arrival on the set, Meera expressed her discomfort as she did not want to be here and wanted to go somewhere else despite her prior commitment.

Meera is said to have entered the make-up room and refused to come out after her manager deserted her on her refusal to appear on the show. The producer of the show is said to be physically abused and made Nadia quite upset.

Exclusive footage of how Meera attacked on Nadia Khan Show:

Courtesy: Geo

Listen to what Nadia has to say: